Large Platter
9 ½" x 12" - $87
Medium Square Platter
9 ½" x 9 ½" - $74
Small Square Platter
7" x 7" -$44
Appetizer Plate
5 ¼" x 9 ¾" - $48
Small Round Plate
6 ½" diameter - $52
4 Section Plate
7" x 7" - $48
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River Rock Collection

The River Rock Collection is made through a complex process of creating a “part sheet” formed of ivory colored glass shards combined with a reactive glass powder. This mixture is fused in the kiln creating the look of “River Rock”. The part sheet of “river rock” is then cut with a ring saw to create the curved flow of the river.

This curved piece is then placed between two hand cut pieces of transparent bronze glass to frame the “river rock”. A second firing in the kiln fuses these glass pieces together. The third and last heating in the kiln causes the glass to slump over a mold to obtain the final shape of the art glass. Each plate is signed by the artist. Food safe - Hand wash.

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Photography - Fused Art Glass: Tim Dustrude; Jewelry: George Post