I just finished reading a book about “Customer Relations” and it really got me thinking. One question really stood out: “What is your customer’s first impression of your work?”
Yikes - I have no clue! It made me reflect back on my own first impressions of other people’s art. What draws me in? What catches my eye? What is my first impression?
COLOR! I have to admit, I am attracted to color and vibrant hues. When I’m working with glass, I have to gather my kiln-fired color chips because many types of glass don’t become their full color till after they’ve been heated in the kilns.
Take my “Roses” flower vase, for example. The petals don’t reveal their beautiful pink color until they’ve spent 12 hours in a very hot kiln. Before that, the glass powder used to create the roses appear white – just like flour.

I’d love your help! What are your first impressions of my art glass?

Please email me your thoughts at nixonartglass@gmail.com.