Color is just the magic adding to any artist’s pallet. And yet, as I begin any project, I spend so much time agonizing over the colors to use. And with glass it’s even more challenging. Many colors of glass in their raw, unheated form are not the true color the glass will be once heated. For instance, bright pink glass appears almost a clear transparent prior to heating. To help me in my designing with glass colors I’ve preheated samples of glass into square chips to use in designing with what will ultimately be the true color of the glass.

And still, I ponder probably way too much what colors to use in each design. I even study a color wheel posted on the wall above my work bench. Recently, with the blooming of Spring I had the wonderful opportunity to see my gorgeous tulips in full bloom. Their brilliant yellow color glimmered in the sunshine. And with my art glass mushrooms sharing the space with the mushrooms, I just stood back and marveled.

Mother Nature presents color in such a stunning way. What better example of the magical use of color than the beautiful presentations every day from Mother Nature!